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Based on the feedback from the survey and the interest in further discussion on specific pandemic-related topics, NELLCO is launching a series of moderated video discussions about key areas of library response. The series of discussions will take place throughout the month of June and into July on Wednesdays at 2:00 pm (EDT). The first five discussion topics have been set.

June 3 - Health, Safety, and Reopening Plans
Moderator: Corie Dugas
Topics for Discussion:
  • Health & Safety enhancements for staff
  • Health & Safety enhancements for patrons
  • Library services and space adjustments
  • Phases of reopening

June 10 - Financial Concerns, Status, and Future
Notes from the discussion
Moderators: Corie Dugas & Anna Lawless-Collins
Topics for discussion:
  • Operations
  • Personnel
  • Ongoing Financial Disruptions
  • Other Financial Topics

June 17 - Changes in Collections During COVID-19: Part 1
Notes from the discussion
Gilda Chiu-Ousland, Caroline Walters, and Anna Lawless-Collins
Topics for discussion:

  • Budgets
  • Cancellations

June 24 - Scheduling & Services: Pandemic Modifications
Notes from the discussion
Moderators: Andy Kretschmar & Ellen Frentzen
Topics for discussion:

  • Staffing
  • Spaces
  • Services
  • Statistics

July 1 - Changes in Collections During COVID-19: Part 2
Notes from the Discussion
Gilda Chiu-Ousland, Caroline Walters, and Anna Lawless-Collins
Guest: Kyle Courtney, Copyright Advisor for Harvard University
Topics for discussion:

  • Shifts to electronic access
  • Study aid and casebook platforms
  • Controlled Digital Lending


Handouts from the webinar:

Handouts from the webinar:



NELLCO is partnering with Foundation Center to offer two Grant Writing Workshops.
Grant Prospecting & Proposal Writing for Law Librarians
The Grant Prospecting and Proposal Writing Course is a two part, 4 hour webinar series customized to the needs of NELLCO, LIPA, and MALLCO members. Through two interactive classes, attendees will be given guidance on searching for grant opportunities from foundation and governmental sources, creating proposals for different types of projects, and building relationships with potential funders.
Every attendee will receive instruction on using Foundation Directory Online and other tools for identifying the best fit for each project. Attendees will learn a structure for successful grant proposals, and ways to tailor each proposal and budget to fit the requirements of each funder. Participants will also receive tips, model proposals, and guidance for enhancing the funder relationship.
These webinars are FREEto NELLCO, LIPA, and MALLCO members.
If you are unable to attend the live, interactive webinars, recordings will be available online.
Wednesday, September 26, 2018
1:00-3:00 pm (ET)
The first webinar will introduce funding prospect research for specific types of law library projects, and will feature of discussion of the best types of programs to match with foundation and governmental funders.
Participants will follow along sample searches for typical projects (e.g., digitization, preservation, outreach, public programming) and will learn how to use the most efficient terms to search Foundation Directory Online, Grants.gov, and agency websites for the best fit. In addition, Foundation Center tour participants through Visualizing Funding for Libraries, a free comprehensive database of library funding that provides information on grants awarded to or in support of libraries by U.S. foundations. With support from the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, the data visualization tool is designed to help librarians and library administrators find grants to fill gaps created by government budget cuts, diversify their funding sources, and/or expand their programming. Library advocates, foundations, and nonprofits also can use the tool to better understand the library funding landscape.

Wednesday, November 14, 2018
1:00-3:00 pm (ET)
The second webinar will build from the endpoint of the first. The attendees will receive instruction in creating a funding proposal from start to finish, with special hands-on exercises to help each attendee understand the need statement and outline a proposal budget.
The final section of the webinar will discuss how to build a relationship with a funder to ease the grant development process in the future.
Upon completion both workshops, attendees will be able to:
  • Search for grant opportunities and identify the best matches for their programs
  • Create a basic grant proposal and modify the proposal based on the funder’s guidelines
  • Understand the best ways to approach funders and make connections to aid the proposal process


NELLCO and MALLCO Nerd Know-How Technology Series with Beth Ziesenis - 2015-2016 - Beth's library

  1. Organize - recording, slides as pdf
  2. Collaborate - slides as pdf (recording not available)
  3. Share - recording, slides as pdf
  4. Design - recording
  5. Create - recording
  6. Travel - recording
  7. Outsource - recording
  8. Google - recording

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