ALLStAR's History
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ALLStAR's History

This project was led by Yale Law Librarian Teresa Miguel-Stearns. Many academic law librarians have contributed to its development.

-  2014: Initial Design of the database on a spreadsheet.

-  2015: UC Berkeley, Chicago, Cornell, Harvard, Yale complete spreadsheets. 

-  Summer 2015: NELLCO and Counting Opinions join the project. NELLCO joined the project to provide logistical and financial support.

-  July 1, 2016: Internal beta testing of the ALLStAR database on Counting Opinions LibPAS platform, the backbone of the database.

-  July 22, 2016: Database goes LIVE.

-  June 2017: the ABA discontinues the Law Library Section. ALLStAR commits to continuing to gather these statistics and provide summary data to all academic law libraries in the United States who wish to participate.

-  2017: The cost of the first year of this powerful survey tool was underwritten by NELLCO and Yale Law Library. 

-  2017-2018 ALLStAR Benchmarking moved into year two.

-  2018-2019 ALLStAR Benchmarking moved into year three.

-  December 2018: the ALLStAR Official Survey, also known as the AOS, is finalized and released.  It combines the questions from the ABA, ARL, US News, and ACRL national surveys into one survey.

-  July 1, 2019: ALLStAR Benchmarking moves into year four.  The first of the annual Trends section is added to the ALLStAR Official Survey.  

-  October 1, 2019: Tier 1 is eliminated and rolled into Tier 2 for two primary reasons: confusion around Tier 1 functionality (did not have the capability to create custom reports, or to download data to allow for proper benchmarking or to discover best practices) and the costs to sustain Tier 1's free usage (subsidized until October 1, 2019 by NELLCO and others). 




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