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ALLStAR Benchmarking Help:  Videos, Documents, FAQ, Email, and Links to AALL Workshops

We have videos and workshop materials to help to learn and use ALLStAR Benchmarking.  


Please note that the videos in the table below are currently available through YouTube.  Additionally, the videos are closed-captioned; click the "CC" button on the video to toggle the captions on or off.  

 Video Title  YouTube URL
 The ALLStAR Official Survey
 Accessing and Navigating the ALLStAR Portal
 Start a NEW Report
 Basic Report Settings
 Selecting Indicators
 Running a Basic Report
 Downloading Report Data to Spreadsheets
 Modifying an Existing Report
 Options Tab
 Benchmarking Using the Locations Filter
 Using Two Surveys Simultaneously
 Sharing / Publishing Reports
 Creating Report Templates
 Report Types - Tables, and Options
 Report Types - Reports for a Single Year
 Report Types - Reports for Multiple Years
 Report Types - Comparing Two Indicators
 Report Types - Cross Tabs and Custom Formats
 Derived Ratios in the ALLStAR Official Survey
 "Canned Reports" in the ALLStAR Official Survey
 Identifying ALT-Peers


 Videos by Karen Kupiec of Counting Opinions

Introduction to ALLStAR (mp4)

- Creating Reports in ALLStAR (mp4) 

- Create Your First Report in ALLStAR (mp4) 


- Suggestions for Collecting and Compiling Data for ALLStAR (in pdf). This document is intended to help law library personnel prepare for, and then complete, library input/output surveys such as the ALLStAR Official Survey (AOS) -- to help to determine “how and where do we find the numbers to respond to this survey question?” It does not replace the document of instructions and guidance for completing the AOS; this guide supplements those instructions. As importantly, we seek help from practitioners with improving this document by letting us know when you and your library has tools and practices which can be replicated by other ALLStAR subscribers.

- ALLStAR: Creating Reports (in pdf) by Counting Opinions

- the instructor's document (in pdf) from the ALLStAR workshop at WestPac in Anchorage, AK 2018 

- the instructor's document (in pdf) from the ALLStAR workshop at AALL in Austin, 2017 

- the instructor's document (in pdf) from the ALLStAR workshop at AALL in Baltimore, 2018


- ALLStAR: Frequently Asked Questions (in pdf)


Help is an email away. 

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2018 AALL Annual Meeting Workshop (W-2)Internal Assessment & Peer Benchmarking in Academic Law Libraries -- The Advanced Session.  In this session, participants learned how to use ALLStAR's advanced reporting features for sophisticated data analysis, the identification of best practices, and the utilization of multifactor benchmarking.

2017 AALL Annual Meeting Workshop (W-1): Internal Assessment & Peer Benchmarking in Academic Law Libraries.  Presenters discussed the theory and practical benefits to internal assessment and peer benchmarking. Then, attendees were introduced to, and use of, the ALLStAR Benchmarking tool.


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