Academic Law Libraries COVID-19 Survey

On May 4, 2020 the 201 academic law libraries in the United States were sent an invitation via the ALL-SIS and NELLCO list-servs to participate in a brief, online survey. The 23-item survey asked libraries about the implications of the COVID-19 pandemic for the libraries and library staff and what ideas are being considered as libraries plan to reopen. While the survey was developed and analyzed by NELLCO, NELLCO membership was not a requirement for survey participation or receipt of the results. 

The invitation asked that the survey only be completed one time per library. A total of 122 academic law libraries (61%) answered at least one question on the survey. Of the 122 participants who started the survey, 100 (82%) completed the survey.  

Please note, not all responses will total 100%. This may occur due to rounding or the ability for participants to select more than one response option on some questions. 


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