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NELLCO Statement of Core Values 

NELLCO Law Library Consortium, Inc., is a member-driven organization. NELLCO exists to meet the resource sharing needs of its members in accordance with the organization’s mission statement. NELLCO, once a regional organization, now has members from across the U.S., Canada, U.K., and Australia. While our intent is to serve the membership, we are aware that often NELLCO’s actions may have implications beyond the group. In an effort to be thoughtful, careful and visionary about decision-making within NELLCO we felt it was important to set forth the core values of the organization.

1) LEADERSHIP – NELLCO strives to be on the leading edge of resource sharing and collaboration between and among law libraries.

2) COOPERATION – NELLCO recognizes the benefits that accrue to our institutions, our staff and our users - faculty, students, attorneys, judges and the public - as well as to the library profession and to the publishers of legal information when we share our resources, expertise, time and energy.

3) ADAPTABILITY – NELLCO intends to be a nimble and flexible organization, able to adapt to the evolving needs of members and the shifting landscape of technology.

4) DIVERSITY – NELLCO members include multi-type libraries with diverse missions, disparate resources and distinct regional needs. Decisions made on behalf of the organization should recognize, respect and support these differences to the extent possible.

5) EDUCATION – NELLCO values the robust exchange of information and ideas, both among and between our own constituents and with those outside of the consortium with whom we may conduct business.

NELLCO is a consortium of law libraries collaborating to maximize access to services and resources and to develop, evaluate, and implement innovative programs for the benefit of the members.

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