NELLCO Symposium
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This year NELLCO will be partnering with Legal Information Preservation Alliance (LIPA) to bring you a diverse array of programming and exciting new speakers while maintaining the spirit of the NELLCO Symposium.


2020 NELLCO & LIPA Symposium
Planning Committee Members

Rick Buckingham, Suffolk University
Gilda Chiu, Columbia University
Corie Dugas, NELLCO
Jason Eiseman, Yale University
Andy Kretschmar, University of South Carolina
John Mondo, University at Buffalo
Merle Slyhoff, University of Pennsylvania
Michelle Trumbo, LIPA
Caroline Walters, Harvard University
Stefanie Weigmann, Boston University


NELLCO is a consortium of law libraries collaborating to maximize access to services and resources and to develop, evaluate, and implement innovative programs for the benefit of the members.

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