NELLCO International Fellows Program
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NELLCO International Fellows Program



The NELLCO International Fellows Program will provide opportunities for member law librarians in the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada and Hong Kong to exchange information and share knowledge and expertise with their colleagues in these countries. There will be a total of six Fellowships awarded in March, 2012. Fellows will spend two weeks visiting a law library or libraries outside of their own country in an effort to gain an understanding of legal education and information in the Host country. The details of each Fellowship experience (itinerary, agenda, daily responsibilities, dates of visit, etc.) will be determined between the Director of the Host library and the chosen Fellow. Fellows will have an opportunity to study the Host libraries' organization, infrastructure, and work flow. Fellows will examine the Host libraries' collections to learn about the core content of the Host country, and will provide insight to the Host library on their collection of legal materials from the visiting country. Fellows will provide to the Host institution a research session on the legal information of their home country. Fellows will return to their home library better equipped to evaluate their own collection of materials from the Host jurisdiction. Fellows will be willing to share what they learn with other NELLCO libraries upon their return, through written articles, presentations or consultations. Fellows will submit a written report to NELLCO for distribution within the consortium.

Selection for participation in the Fellows Program will be competitive. Fellows will complete an application and will be selected by the Executive Committee based on the qualifications and statement of interest of the applicant, and a letter of recommendation. Applications may be submitted between 11/1/2011 and 1/15/2012. Fellows will be announced in March 2012 at the NELLCO conference in Albany, NY. All Fellowship visits must be completed by 5/31/2013. Prospective Fellows must first have the support of their library director for participation in the program. A travel stipend will be provided to each Fellow by NELLCO, not to exceed $2,000.00 (USD). NELLCO will be available to assist in making the arrangements for Fellows' lodging and travel. The Fellow's home library will continue to assume responsibility for the salary and benefits of the Fellow during the two week visit.


Applicants – Professionals at all levels of experience and from all library departments are encouraged to apply. Each applicant will be responsible for obtaining the approval and support of their home library, submitting a completed online application and submitting a letter of recommendation to NELLCO (via e-mail, fax or postal mail).

Fellows – Once Fellows have been selected they will be put in direct contact with the Library Director at their Host library. Fellows will work directly with their Hosts to establish the parameters of the visit. Hosts will provide local arrangements information as needed by the Fellow. Fellows will work directly with NELLCO on travel arrangements.

Fellows should be willing to participate in an AALL program on International Collaboration in 2013 or 2014 if requested. Fellows will be responsible for sharing their experience with NELLCO through written articles, presentations or consultations. Fellows will submit a written report to NELLCO for distribution within the consortium and for publication in the NELLCO newsletter.

Fellows will be responsible for any expenses incurred beyond the NELLCO travel stipend.

Home Library – The Fellow's Home library must give permission for the Fellow to participate in the program. The Home library will continue to provide pay and benefits to the Fellow. The Home Library is encouraged not to require the use of vacation time or other paid time off for the two-week period of the Fellowship Visit.

Host Library – Any NELLCO Full Member, Affiliate Member or International Affiliate Member that wishes to Host a Fellow must indicate their interest via e-mail to

Each Host library will be responsible for planning and organizing a constructive and valuable two-week agenda for their visiting Fellow. The Host Library will provide to NELLCO a Visiting Fellow Plan at least one month prior to the visit. The Plan will be shared with the Board of Directors and the Board will have the opportunity to provide some feedback prior to the visit.

Once the Host and Fellow are matched they should be in close and regular contact and should feel free to plan the visit without further input from NELLCO. The Host should clearly express to the Fellow well in advance of the visit the Host's expectations for the visit. Advance planning will be necessary to meet the needs and expectations of all of the participants. Fellows should be given ample time to plan any presentations that the Host library may request.

Hosts should also be prepared to help with local arrangements (ground transportation, entertainment options, etc.) and to provide social opportunities for the Fellow during the visit. Hosts should be willing to evaluate the experience and share their experience with NELLCO through a written report to NELLCO for distribution within the consortium and for publication in the NELLCO newsletter.

NELLCO – NELLCO will be responsible for selecting the Host libraries and the Fellows. NELLCO will assist with travel plans and provide financial support for each Fellow's travel expenses, not to exceed $2000.00. NELLCO will facilitate the dissemination of all reports and presentations produced by the six Fellows and will publish a final report after all of the Fellowship visits have been completed.


NELLCO - The costs that NELLCO will incur for the International Fellows program are the $2,000.00 travel stipends for the six Fellows. All other expenses are administrative in nature and would be absorbed in the regular course of consortium business.

FELLOW – Fellows should be prepared to cover any additional costs that exceed the $2,000.00 stipend. It is difficult to estimate what those costs will be as the cost of travel, lodging, food, transportation, etc. will vary depending upon the Host location and the social and professional agenda planned by the Host Library.

HOST LIBRARY – The Host Library should plan some professional and social engagements during the visit, and visits to other law libraries where possible. The Host Library should expect to incur these and other reasonable expenses related to the Fellow's visit.


NELLCO is a consortium of law libraries collaborating to maximize access to services and resources and to develop, evaluate, and implement innovative programs for the benefit of the members.

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