ALLStAR Official Survey
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ALLStAR Official Survey The ALLStAR Official Survey (AOS) has been released!

The survey integrates all the required questions from the national surveys ARL, ACRL (which includes IPEDS), USNWR, plus the ABA questions we decided to keep. The survey is open to all membership tiers of ALLStAR.

If you have input your data into the 2017-2018 ARL, USNWR and ABA surveys in ALLStAR already, the AOS will auto-populate. You should now finish the AOS by completing the ACRL questions (which had been suppressed while the AOS was in development).

If you have questions or need assistance navigating ALLStAR, frequently asked questions and video tutorials are on the NELLCO ALLStAR websiteYou can also email us at

Thank you all for your continued participation in and support of ALLStAR. 

AOS Documents (in pdf)

The ALLStAR Official Survey (AOS) form as it appears in ALLStAR. This is the data input side of the AOS.  

Instructions. The instructions are arranged by the section and line number of the AOS.  Use your pdf's bookmark function to quickly move around the document by selecting numbered sections.

Worksheet. The worksheet is intended to visually supplement the Instructions.  Again, you may use your pdf's bookmark function to quickly move around the worksheet by selecting numbered sections. The worksheet also provides the formulas used for calculated sums which are lines that will be calculated for you. 

FAQWe have compiled an FAQ supporting the ALLStAR Official Survey.  The questions and responses are arranged by sections. You may use your pdf's bookmark function to quickly move around the FAQ by selecting sections.

An Introductory Video about the ALLStAR Official Survey

A YouTube video about the ALLStAR Official Survey. The video has captions that can be toggle on or off.


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