ALLStAR User Agreement
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ALLStAR User Agreement

By registering with ALLStAR Benchmarking, you agree to keep all data and information confidential within your law school and other libraries who are registered members of ALLStAR Benchmarking. This tool is intended for the exclusive and official use by persons authorized by ALLStAR Benchmarking. Data obtained directly or derivatively from ALLStAR Benchmarking may not be published outside your law school without the express, written consent of ALLStAR Benchmarking (NELLCO) and an authorized representative of each school whose data is being accessed, named, and published. Each law school is free to publish its own data without permission from ALLStAR Benchmarking.

Under limited purposes, ALLStAR Benchmarking may grant permission to use data when it is made anonymous. With such requests, ALLStAR Benchmarking will have exclusive right to grant or deny publication permission at any time.

It will be the responsibility of each library to grant access to employees within the library and to determine appropriate levels for each employee. Access to ALLStAR Benchmarking may not be granted to anyone outside the library, including law school personnel. Most employees should be given data-entry access only. Managers may be given intermediate user status in order to monitor the data input of their employees, create relevant reports, and export relevant data. Full-control user status should be given only to those persons required to oversee the overall data input and access output reports.

All law schools and users agree to hold harmless ALLStAR Benchmarking, NELLCO, and Counting Opinions for the misuse of this data by member libraries.

ALLStAR Benchmarking reports are confidential and may only be shared within ALLStAR Benchmarking law schools. Reports are created from data belonging to individual ALLStAR Benchmarking members with report copyright held by NELLCO. Any copying or distribution of a part of whole of a report is subject to this restriction.


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