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Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) -- ALLStAR

This page will compile frequently asked questions about ALLStAR and the responses.  


Updated Instructions

01. Question: Where are the most current instructions for the ALLStAR Official Collection/Survey (AOC/AOS)?

Response: The most current set of instructions are found on the ALLStAR Official Survey page at

Completing the ACRL Annual Survey

01. Question: I noted that the ACRL annual survey available through the ALLStAR portal includes survey questions from the other national surveys.  Should I submit the ACRL responses through the ACRL survey or through the ALLStAR Official Collection/Survey? 

Response: The questions for the annual ACRL survey are in the ALLStAR Official Collection/Survey (AOC/AOS). It is strongly recommended that ALLStAR subscribers complete the ACRL survey through the AOC/AOS rather than through the ACRL data collection via the ALLStAR portal.  That's because the ACRL survey available through the ALLStAR necessarily includes many questions in addition to the ACRL questions because ACRL is the fourth national survey mounted on the ALLStAR portal; the ARL, US News and ABA surveys were available through ALLStAR before the ACRL survey was mounted. A survey question may only be aligned once in Counting Opinions. Therefore, ACRL questions that are also asked by these other surveys must be included in the ALLStAR version of the ACRL survey. 

02. Question: My library has been entering ACRL data (independent from our main university library) using a login that is different from the ALLStAR login we use for all other data collection. The username we’ve had for ACRL data to date uses this format: ACRL_NNNNNNNN.  Can we enter this year’s ACRL data using our ALLStAR login? I would really like all of our data to be entered under the same account, but I don’t want to mess up any data collection with relationship to the ACRL login we were given before.

Response [from Counting Opinions]: The ACRL survey is new to ALLStAR this year [2018-2019] and we are still designing the workflow from one to the other. If you enter your data into ALLStAR it will be transferred to the ACRL survey before it closes. If you wish to answer the ACRL survey's supplemental questions however, you will need to do that at the ACRL survey site with the login that begins ACRL_.  I anticipate the workflow will be streamlined by the next data cycle!


Section 530 - Reference

01. Question: Do we include a count of virtual reference transactions on Line 531 even though Line 533 specifically asks the library to report virtual reference transactions?

Response: Yes, include the number of virtual reference transactions in Line 531.  Line 533 is for information purposes; the data submitted on this line is not summed elsewhere (such as Lines 534 and 535) in the ALLStAR Official Collection. Librarians have sought to learn about the ratio (percentage) of virtual reference transactions to all reference transactions, and to learn if there is a discernible trend - a decrease or increase over time - of virtual reference transactions undertaken. 



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