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Overview of the ALLStAR Benchmarking Project

The ALLStAR (Academic Law Libraries: Statistics, Analytics and Reports) project enables academic law libraries to systematically gather and analyze data about their libraries and benchmark against other participating academic law libraries across the United States. Data is collected and reported on key aspects of academic law libraries, such as:

  • Personnel;
  • Expenditures (e.g., personnel, collections, operations, maintenance);
  • Collections;
  • Services;
  • Interlibrary Loan;
  • Facilities;
  • Student Enrollment; and
  • Current Issues for Law Librarianship (e.g., material digitization, legal technology instruction)

ALLStAR uses the Counting Opinions’ LibPas interface. Through this interface, academic law libraries can enter and analyze their data to examine operations, anticipate emerging needs, and engage in data-informed planning and decision-making.

ALLStAR’s development and implementation is guided by an advisory board of librarians from a mix of large, small, public, and private academic law libraries across the United States. 


Benefits of ALLStAR Participation

ALLStAR assists academic law libraries with their internal data and reporting management needs.  The ALLStAR system provides libraries with one location to store key historical and current data points. Having the data in one, well-organized location allows libraries to easily analyze data and create customized reports to respond to requests for information or to answer library-driven inquiries. In addition, ALLStAR enables academic law libraries to make meaningful comparisons with other participating ALLStAR libraries of their choosing. This benchmarking data can be helpful when making cases for resources, motivating staff to consider change, identifying innovative practices or trends at other academic law libraries, and planning strategically for the future. 

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