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NELLCO and LIPA Collaborate on Print Legal Materials

Tuesday, October 16, 2012   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Tracy Thompson-Przylucki
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Yesterday, NELLCO announced Preserving America's Legal Materials in Print (PALMPrint), an exciting collaborative pilot project aimed at developing a shared, cirulating collection of primary, U.S. legal materials in print. Working with the Legal Information Preservation Alliance (LIPA), the two organizations jointly have committed to underwrite $120,000.00 of the total cost of the three-year project. The remaining costs will be shared by the participating libraries. LIPA and NELLCO hope to secure commitments from at least 50 members in order to keep participation costs to $1600 per library, per year. If we reach the larger goal of 100 member libraries participating, the annual cost will be less than $1,000.00 per library!

More information about the project is available in this overview. A series of informational webinars will be held during the week of Oct. 22 and members are encouraged to sign up to get more detailed information and Q&A.

Several years of exploration, research and listening and learning have gone into this project so far. Librarians across the country are working on the issue of the retention of and persistent access to print materials in an increasingly digital world. A number of different print archiving projects are currently underway, and include both centralized and distributed models.  The Center for Research Libraries hosts a list-serv, the Print Archive Network (PAN) for those involved and interested in the future of print.

NELLCO and LIPA are thrilled to launch this project and hope it will serve as a model for a collaborative solution to print retention, allowing libraries to make different decisions about library space at the local level. In this way, libraries can continue to be responsive to the changing needs of their users secure in the knowledge that primary print materials are within reach, and under the stewardship of the collaborative.

A dedicated committee has brought us to this point and we are grateful for their efforts on behalf of the member libraries. The committee members are:

—Melanie Dunshee (Duke)
—Paul George (UPenn)
—Margie Maes (LIPA)
—Karen Quinn (RI State)

Tracy Thompson-Przylucki (NELLCO)
—Tory Trotta (Arizona State)


If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact NELLCO, or any member of the committee.



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