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Preserving America's Legal Materials in Print (PALMPrint), is an exciting collaborative pilot project aimed at developing a shared, cirulating collection of primary, U.S. legal materials in print. Working with the Legal Information Preservation Alliance (LIPA), the two organizations jointly have committed to underwrite $120,000.00 of the total cost of the three-year project. The remaining costs will be shared by the more than 60 participating law library members from the two organizations.

Librarians across the country are working on the issue of the retention of and persistent access to print materials in an increasingly digital world. A number of different print archiving projects are currently underway, and include both centralized and distributed models. The Center for Research Libraries hosts a list-serv, the Print Archive Network (PAN) for those involved and interested in the future of print.

NELLCO and LIPA are thrilled to support this project and hope it will serve as a model for a collaborative solution to print retention, allowing libraries to make different decisions about library space at the local level. In this way, libraries can continue to be responsive to the changing needs of their users secure in the knowledge that primary print materials are within reach, and under the stewardship of the collaborative.

More information about the project is available in this overview, and you may wish to view this recorded informational webinar.

Margaret K. Maes (LIPA) and Tracy L. Thompson (NELLCO) have also co-authored Collaborative Stewardship: Building a Shared, Central Collection of Print Legal Materials.



  1. Albany Law School, Schaffer Law Library
  2. American University, Pence Law Library
  3. Arizona State, Ross-Blakley Law Library
  4. Baylor University Law Library
  5. Boston College Law Library
  6. Boston University, Fineman Pappas Law Library
  7. California Western School of Law
  8. Case Western Reserve University Law Library
  9. Charleston School of Law, Sol Blatt Jr. Law Library
  10. Creighton University School of Law Library
  11. Duquesne University School of Law Library
  12. Emory University, Hugh F. MacMillan Law Library
  13. Fordham University School of Law, The Maloney Library
  14. George Mason Law Library
  15. Georgetown University, Edward Bennett Williams Law Library
  16. Georgia State University College of Law Library
  17. Harvard Law School Library
  18. Hofstra University, Barbara and Maurice A. Deane Law Library
  19. Illinois College of Law Library
  20. Indiana University Bloomington, Jerome Hall Law Library
  21. Louisiana State University Law Library
  22. Loyola Marymount University, William M. Rains Law Library
  23. New York Law School, Mendik Law Library
  24. New York University Law School Library
  25. Northeastern University School of Law Library
  26. Nova Southeastern University Law Library
  27. Oklahoma City University Law Library
  28. Rhode Island State Law Library, Frank Licht Judicial Complex
  29. Roger Williams University School of Law Library
  30. St. John's University, Rittenberg Law Library
  31. Suffolk University, John Joseph Moakley Law Library
  32. Supreme Court of Canada Library
  33. Syracuse University College of Law Library
  34. Tulane University Law Library
  35. University of Arkansas, Young Law Library
  36. University of California Los Angeles, Hugh and Hazel Darling Law Library
  37. University of Connecticut, Meskill Law Library
  38. University of Georgia Law Library
  39. University of Maine School of Law, Garbrecht Law Library
  40. University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth Law Library
  41. University of Miami Law Library
  42. University of Missouri-Columbia Law Library
  43. University of Nevada Las Vegas, Wiener-Rogers Law Library
  44. University of New Hampshire Law Library
  45. University of New Mexico Law School Library
  46. University of North Carolina, Katherine R. Everett Law Library
  47. University of Notre Dame, Kresge Law Library
  48. University of Oklahoma Law Center Library
  49. University of Pennsylvania, Biddle Law Library
  50. University of Pittsburgh Law Library
  51. University of South Carolina Law Library
  52. University of Southern California, Call Law Library
  53. University of Utah, James E. Faust Law Library
  54. University of Wisconsin Law Library
  55. Vermont Law School Library
  56. Virginia State Law Library
  57. Wake Forest University, Professional Center Library
  58. Washington University in St. Louis Law Library
  59. Western New England University School of Law Library
  60. Whittier College School of Law Library
  61. York University Law Library



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