Past NELLCO International Fellows
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  • Jean Callihan - Visited UVic from Cornell 

International Fellowships: Cornell and University of Victoria Swap Law Librarians

  • Angela Carritt - Visited Dalhousie from Oxford
  • Michael Lines - Visited Cornell from UVic
  • Lesley Young - Visited Yale from IALS

Ms. Young, Information Resources Manager at the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies in London,served her Fellowship at Yale's Lillian Goldman Library from April 30 - May 11, 2007. During her visit Lesley was also able to visit Harvard's Law Library in a whirlwind day of information gathering. Thanks to Blair Kauffman at Yale for his willingness to serve as a host library and to all who worked to make Lesley's visit a success. Please see the photos from Lesley's presentation on the last day of her visit,during which she shared her insights into the similarities and differences of law libraries in the U.S. and U.K.

Lesley Young and Yale Library Staff

Lesley Young, Tracy Thompson, Mary Jane Kelsey

Lesley Young and Tracy Thompson

  • Melinda Renner - Visited IALS from University of New Brunswick 
    "NELLCO International Fellowship - What a Thrill!" (2007)
    7 Legal Inf. Mgmt. 289
  • Barbara Schneider - Visited Oxford from the Massachusetts Trial Court Law Libraries

Ms. Schneider, Head Law Librarian at the Berkshire Law Library in Pittsfield, MA, served her Fellowship at the Bodleian Law Library at Oxford in Sept. 2007. Barbara was also able to visit the law libraries at Cambridgeand the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies, NELLCO's other UK library members. Thanks to Ruth Bird at Oxford for her willingness to serve as a host library and to all of the people who helped to make Barbara's visit a success. Barbara compiled the presentation below to document her experience.

Fellow's Report: Visit to the Bodleian Law Library


  • Cornell University School of Law
  • Dalhousie Law School
  • Institute of Advanced Legal Studies
  • University of Oxford, Bodleian Law Library - NELLCO Fellowship and the Bodleian Law Library
  • University of Victoria, British Columbia
  • Yale Law School

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