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Academic Law Libraries: Statistics, Analytics and Reports is an exciting and groundbreaking project supported by the Yale Law Library and the NELLCO Law Library Consortium. Are you frustrated with the minimally useful takeoffs and pdf reports that you receive from 3rd parties? Do you want to be able to mine the data and extract data points of use to you in real time? ALLStAR has the potential to be your library's go to tool for internal analysis and benchmarking, as well as all of your data gathering and reporting requirements (ABA, ARL, USNWR, IPEDS, etc.).

ALLStAR is an effort to enable academic law libraries to systematically gather and analyze a large set of relevant and previously unobtainable data points. Using Counting Opinions' LibPAS as the interface, participating libraries will be able to analyze their own operations, as well as undertake extensive benchmarking against any other participating library or libraries they choose.


ALLStAR Benchmarking is moving into year two. The cost of the first year of this powerful survey tool was underwritten by NELLCO and Yale Law Library. Moving forward we committed to keeping the subscription fees below $1000 per library per year, and we are excited to announce that we have done so for year two. We are also giving libraries more options as to the level of access, number of features, and pricing to accommodate all academic law libraries that would like to participate.

Below you will find information on the four ALLStAR Tier Levels. Decide what statistics and access are of value to your library and choose the tier that works best for you. Each tier builds on the previous level, so all lower-tier features are available to upper-tier subscribers. NELLCO Membership is not required to participate.

With the discontinuation of the Law Library Section on the ABA Survey, ALLStAR is committed to continuing to gather these statistics and provide summary data to all academic law libraries in the United States who wish to participate. With that in mind, in year two we will continue to offer access to input and receive summary data for the ABA survey (Tier 1) for free. Additional surveys and reporting tools will fall under Tiers 2-4.

There is a one-time set-up fee associated with getting each account online and activated. The fee varies depending on the Tier Level. Libraries that were early adopters and signed up for Level 2 Access before July 31, 2017 will have their set-up fees waived. Contact to determine if your library’s set-up fee will be waived.

ALLStAR Year Two subscriptions will run from October 1, 2017 through September 30, 2018. Participating libraries should select their tier level by October 1 to avoid an interruption in ALLStAR service and access.  



Yearly Subscription: FREE              One-Time Set-Up Fee: FREE

Enter the data for your library for the ABA survey. At the end of the data entry period, subscribing libraries will receive summary data for the ABA survey. This tier comes with one username/login.


Yearly Subscription: $500              One-Time Set-Up Fee: $100

Enter the data for your library for the three national surveys, ABA, ARL, and US News & World Report. In addition to summary data, libraries will have the ability to run custom reports based on the three surveys’ data. This tier comes with one username/login.


Yearly Subscription: $700              One-Time Set-Up Fee: $400

Enter the data for the ABA, ARL, and US News & World Report surveys as well as the ability to input nearly 3000 additional data points that have been hand-selected for their applicability to law libraries and benchmarking. Libraries can create separate accounts for librarians and staff to input data and run reports on their own.


Yearly Subscription: $800              One-Time Set-Up Fee: $400

This tier has all of the access and benefits of Tier 3, with the added feature of an Employee Questionnaire. The questionnaire has been developed to save time and provide more accurate information by sending out targeted portions of the surveys to the library staff that collect the data. Each library staff member has an individual account.


  • To identify, understand, and quantify our strengths and weaknesses
  • To understand the drivers of demand on library resources and how they are changing
  • To enable you to align internal resource allocation
  • To enable you to justify resources needed, motivate staff to consider change, and plan strategically for the future


Introduction to ALLStAR Webinar

Running Reports in ALLStAR Webinar




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