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Academic Law Libraries: Statistics, Analytics and Reports

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Academic Law Libraries: Statistics, Analytics and Reports - This is an exciting and groundbreaking project supported by the Yale Law Library and the NELLCO Law Library Consortium. Are you frustrated with the minimally useful takeoffs and pdf reports that you receive from 3rd parties? Do you want to be able to mine the data and extract data points of use to you in real time? ALLStAR has the potential to be your library's go to tool for internal analysis and benchmarking, as well as all of your data gathering and reporting requirements (ABA, ARL, USNWR, IPEDS, etc.).

ALLStAR is an effort to enable academic law libraries to systematically gather and analyze a large set of relevant and previously unobtainable data points. Using Counting Opinions' LibPAS as the interface, participating libraries will be able to analyze their own operations, as well as undertake extensive benchmarking against any other participating library or libraries they choose.

The cost to develop and implement ALLStAR is being underwritten in year one by NELLCO and the Yale Law Library. We invite and encourage all academic law libraries to participate AT NO COST in the first year. After year one, the participating libraries will assume the cost of the system. Our goal is for the cost per library not to exceed $1,000/yr.  

How to participate

Participation is open to any interested academic law library. Membership in NELLCO is not required to participate. Each library will manage their own access to ALLStAR. An e-mail was sent out to all of the U.S. academic law library directors following the AALL Annual Meeting which contains the login information and credentials for your library. Please check with your library director.

There are 2 levels of participation:

  • Level 1 - Reports only - view pre-populated data. In order to continue beyond year one, Level 1 participants must move to Level 2.
  • Level 2 - Data capture and full reporting/benchmarking. Level 2 participants gain access to the data capture side of the system and commit to entering the data for their library as completely as possible. In addition to undertaking their own analysis of the data, Level 2 participants will be able to use ALLStAR as their one stop shop to meet all of their annual reporting requirements, including ABA, USNWR, IPEDS, etc.

Why Benchmark?

To identify, understand, and quantify our strengths and weaknesses
To understand the drivers of demand on library resources and how they are changing
To enable me to align internal resource allocation
To enable you to
Justify resources needed 
Motivate staff to consider change
Plan strategically for the future


Interested in ALLStAR? Contact us to learn more!


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